Become Completely Cloth Savvy in Under 2 Hours

You like the idea of cloth diapering but your head spins when you hear about all of the options and everything youíll need to know. Stop scouring the internet,watching youtube videos, and lurking on cloth diapering forums. Eliminate the stress of wasting money on things you wonít use and get all of the support you need from Moms and Dads that have been in your shoes before.

Soon youíll be the pro that all your friends look to for advice.

Cloth Savvy is an online class that cuts through the pile of information out there and actually teaches you exactly what you need to know to successfully cloth diaper your children.

If you hate the idea of spending thousands of dollars on diapers that will end up in the landfill and would like to join the cloth diaper club but arenít sure where to start, then you need this class.

Whether you are pregnant or your little one is already here, after taking Cloth Savvy you will feel empowered and know that you can take cloth diapering on with ease.

Hereís how this class will make sure that you succeed

On your own time you can watch a bunch of short, easy to digest videos and...

But... wait... canít I find all this stuff online on my own?

Yep, you can absolutely find everything that we will be teaching you on your own. Thatís how we did it. We spent weeks digging, reading, learning and through trial and error we got there. Before this class, people wasted a lot of time and even a bit of money on stuff that they end up not using.

This class lets you take advantage of all that effort that we made and you get to learn from people who have been there. Its like you get to download everything that they learned, right into your brain.

Bonuses: You also get some extra stuff.

  • Boost your stash - With your ticket to the class you get a free $25 credit that you can use to buy your first diapers. ( - Minimum purchase of $75).
  • Access to a members only chat area where you can ask for help from the pros or just talk with other moms and dads that are in the same place as you.
  • Lifetime access to all of the future videos and tips that we make. Weíll be with you all throughout your cloth diapering journey.

Hereís what you gotta do:

The class will be available on Thursday, December 27th.
Before then though you can pre-register as an "Early Bird" for a 50% discount.

(Once it is released it will normally be $30)

100%Money Back Guarantee


60 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

If this class doesnít make you feel absolutely certain that you can do this, that you can successfully cloth diaper your little one, then you will get every penny of your money back.

Weíre going to do everything in our power to make every single one of you happy but if weíre not able to for any reason at all then we donít deserve to take your money. Simply send us an email and the money will be back in your account within a few days.

You have nothing to lose and tons to gain. You wonít get that by buying a book off of Amazon...

Cloth Success Stories

(Once it is released it will normally be $30)

100%Money Back Guarantee


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